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Homeopathy and breast cancer.

Laboratory experiments show homeopathic medicines to be toxic to breast cancer cells, but not healthy breast cells.

The experiment showed a measurable cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cells.

After the use of homeopathic medicine it could be observed that cancer cell development stopped. Furthermore began cell apoptosis , cancer cells commit suicide. Normal , healthy cells were completely unaffected.

The homeopathic remedies used during eksprimentet were: Phytolacca , Carcinosin , Thuja and Conium . Especially Phytolacca and Carcinosin were effective.

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Important !
If you have, or you discover changes in your breast , do not hesitate to consult your doctor!

Homeopathy is based on the idea of 'let like be cured by like'. It was founded by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century, although similar concepts existed earlier. Homeopathy became popular in the 19th century in part because of its success in epidemics but declined during most of the 20th century. Its popularity increased in the late 20th and early 21st centuries in many parts of the world. Homeopathy is controversial because of its use of highly dilute medicines. There is a significant body of clinical research including randomised clinical trials and meta-analyses of such trials which suggest that homeopathy has actions which are not placebo effects. Cohort, observational and economic studies have yielded favourable results. There are several schools of homeopathy. Systems which use homeopathic medicines based on symbolism and metaphor are not homeopathy. Despite the long history of scientific controversy, homeopathy has proved resilient and is now geographically widespread. There is a significant body of scientific evidence with positive results. Homeopathy is an anomaly around which deserves further investigation.

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rekha | Reply 21.11.2015 08.36

I am suffering from Hypothyroid and right knee pain.
Pain while walking and at night.
swelling in knee, foot, leg ankle.
female age 55 years weight 65 kgs.

swapna latha | Reply 03.06.2015 18.53

Any medicine for diabeties type 2 in homeopathy

Dr.Flemming 03.06.2015 19.48

Contact me on e-mail parakletos2012@gmail.com or on the contact site.

Dr Zeb | Reply 03.03.2015 07.46

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Dr Zeb 03.03.2015 07.51

http://homeoint.org/ has an internal error please contact himto reasume

kirgan | Reply 03.06.2014 21.23

I would like to get treated by a professional dr, so can u please take up my case. Pls reply on the above id.
Thank u.

nirmal kumar | Reply 22.03.2014 15.36

i like the page and would like to receive mails on homeo med

Dr. Flemming | Reply 07.02.2014 11.12

Hello MAIMOONA. I will gladly try to help you. Please contact me on my contact page, or directly at my email.
Sincerely, Dr. Flemming

maimoona | Reply 07.02.2014 10.08

(1)i m married from 1 year unfortunately I have no baby. I m all right my ovaries makes tiny follicles that why I don't conceive . i m also homeopathic doctor but i m confused. pl z help me. thank you

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21.11 | 08:36

I am suffering from Hypothyroid and right knee pain.
Pain while walking and at night.
swelling in knee, foot, leg ankle.
female age 55 years weight 65 kgs.

06.08 | 17:18

For the past 6 weeks I have been feeling pain in both of my elbos at the joint and is more painful when I try to grip something like a bat or a shovel.

17.06 | 08:40

Contact me at this adress: homeopationline2015@gmail.com

15.06 | 21:05

I cannot find a way to search you mm. Do you have mm for the bowel nosode Coccal Compound?
Thank you.
James F. Claire, D.O.

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